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Mistral Soup

Design: Getbrand
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Moscow, Russia
Packaging Contents: Instant soup
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic

The "Mistral Trading" company commissioned us to create a design for the new brand of instant soups with clear communication: fast soup - a full dinner.

A task:
Unlike European countries, where instant food soups are extremely popular and local housewives do not like to stand at the stove for a long time, in Russia the woman trust the cooking of soup to no one. There is still a strong stereotype that the ability to make soup is a necessary and sufficient quality for a good housewife.

That is why many brands of instant soups have suffered a fiasco in the Russian market, offering canned ready-made or instant soups. Considering our "national peculiarity", Mistral has produced an original line of dry mixtures of soups.

Given the pace of life of a modern woman, the ideal solution in this case is a full-fledged soup, which can be quickly and easily prepared, just adding your favorite ingredients.

On the front of the package we placed an image of a classic home plate, which was visually divided in half: at the top we see the image of the finished product, and at the bottom we show what is inside the package.

The background is the image of a kitchen cutting board made of untreated wood, which once again emphasizes the idea of naturalness. The attractive food zone with appetizing vegetables, spices and mushrooms emphasizes the taste of the product and tells you what else is in the mixture besides the croup. Under the plate we placed a label with a clear number of portions and a "secret" of rich soup.

On the back of the package, we reveal the concept of "add to taste." So the buyer can take part in creating his own soup recipe, make a variety in the basic recipe and get no less satisfaction from the result than if he cooked it himself. The slogan "useful soup every day" emphasizes both the natural composition and the need to eat right, because hot soup is an integral part of a full-fledged dinner.

The traditional ribbon and the corporate blue "Mistral" color help to preserve the brand architecture.

With "Mistral" cooking dinner ceases to be a heavy duty, taking away a lot of time, but continues to be a creative process. Choose a soup to taste, add authoring touches and enjoy a great taste of your favorite dish.

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