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Six of the Most Effective Industrial Adhesives For Product Packaging

Written by Casey Heigl, Marketing Manager of Heigl Technologies.

Proper product packaging requires the right tools not just to get the job done, but to get it done right the first time. The goal of a well-packaged product is to reflect that the sender (you) puts value in the products you provide and wants to ensure those products reach their destination in a timely, secure and professional manner.

While in transit, packages are not always treated with the care they should receive. Therefore, it is your duty to make sure that when you send something out, it is properly sealed with the best industrial packaging adhesives.

This guide will help you better understand what industrial adhesives are available on the market today, and which of these could be the best choice for your particular packaging needs.

1. Infinity Bond InfinityPack Premium Packaging Glue Sticks

These particular hot glue sticks were designed specifically with packaging needs in mind. Strong bond, fast setting and made for use on cardboard (including corrugated cardboard and wax-coated boxes), the Infinity Bond Premium Packaging Glue Sticks are an excellent choice to make sure your products arrive at their destination, both properly sealed and secure.

These hot glue sticks are of food-grade quality and come in a variety of sizes, depending on your needs. Paired with the right hot glue gun, such as the Power Adhesives TEC 805, these hot glue sticks will provide an efficient seal at an affordable price.

2. Infinity Bond CleanPack Low Odor Packaging Glue Sticks

From the same manufacturers as the InfinityPack hot glue sticks, the CleanPack hot glue sticks are a low odor, cold-resistant option with an even faster bond time than traditional hot glue sticks. The CleanPack hot glue stick is also versatile, and it can be used for applications outside of packaging if required, so that you can get the most out of your hot glue investment. This particular adhesive works well with cardboard, woodworking and wire assembly, without that bothersome chemical smell.

These hot glue sticks are of food-grade quality and come in two different sizes: 1/2" and 5/8”. The CleanPack hot glue sticks are pricier than their InfinityPack cousins, but their quality will not leave you disappointed.

3. Power Adhesives Spraytec 430 Glue Slugs

Since cardboard is not the only packaging medium, the Spraytec 430 Glue Slugs were designed to offer packaging adhesive options for a wider variety of materials. The difference between hot glue sticks and glue slugs is primarily the application method: the former is loaded into a hot glue gun and applied via the gun’s tapered nozzle and activation trigger; the latter is applied via a pneumatic spray gun, which allows for quicker application of adhesive in a precise, hot melt spray.

The major drawback to using the Spraytec 430 Glue Slugs is that the bond time is considerably slower than with the average hot glue stick. This is a drawback in situations where fast efficiency is required, but on the plus side, the glue slugs are flexible after application, so it is much easier to make small adjustments. This adhesive is capable of bonding cardboard, wood, plastic and foam with high effectiveness, which makes it a bit more versatile than other options.

4. Warren Adhesives HM 059 Freezer Grade Packaging Hot Melt

Warren Adhesives offers a high-grade hot melt that can withstand temperatures up to -20°F. This is particularly useful for packages that require cold and/or frozen shipping or will be placed immediately into a freezer upon arrival at the purchaser’s site. The HM 059 has a low viscosity to avoid “stringing” when exposed to cold temperatures, and it bonds quickly for a firm and efficient seal.

Due to this hot melt’s nature, it is a much stronger form of bond and is adept at creating a seal on recycled, textured or wax-coated surfaces. This adhesive must withstand quite a bit of abuse, which means that it is good at giving it back, in terms of proficient package bonding.

The HM 059 comes in the form of hot melt chips that require an adhesive melt system which stores the chips in the “hopper” and then feeds them into the actual melting mechanism. This method provides more efficient large-scale package bonding options with less waste than the average hot glue gun or spray method.

5. Warren Adhesives HM 604 Heat Resistant Packaging Bulk Hot Melt

To contrast Warren Adhesive’s HM 059, the HM 604 offers high heat resistance in its chip-style hot melt. This adhesive is adept at bonding to cardboard and foam (or cardboard to foam) and is the perfect option for when packaging is set to travel through a high-temperature area or may run the risk of being exposed to high temperatures.

The heat resistance also means that the HM 604 hot melt has a longer set time for situations where longer open times are needed for adjustments or delayed sealing. This adhesive is forgiving in nature, which can come in handy if your packages require assembly. The hot melt will allow for mistakes and corrections in a way few other adhesives do.

6. Camie 513 Fast Tack Upholstery, Foam and Fabric Low VOC Spray Adhesive

For a non-hot melt, stick or slug option, Camie offers a spray adhesive that is low in volatile organic compounds (VOC) and adept at bonding to a variety of materials, including cardboard, wood, fabric and foam. The Camie 513 is fast-setting and easy to use, though it runs higher in price than hot glue sticks, slugs and melts, and will run out more quickly than a hot sealant option.

The downside of spray adhesives for packaging is that they do not offer any additional heat or cold resistance. However, they are a quick and effective way to seal a large number of packages in a short amount of time. And with the Camie 513’s low VOC, there is no need to worry about extra pollutants or poor air quality, though you should always wear proper protective equipment when working with any form of adhesive.

Final Thoughts

The industrial adhesives discussed for product packaging merely skim the surface of the options available in this market. Keep in mind what your specific needs are when going to purchase a packaging adhesive so you better understand your choices and which of those choices is the best for your products.

Remember, a properly sealed package is a customer’s first glimpse at your business and its professional (or lack thereof) tone. Always make a good first impression, down to the sealant of your product’s packaging.

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As the Marketing Manager for, Casey Heigl is a packaging industry insider. Casey enjoys sharing her unique perspective and when she isn’t writing articles she is spending time with her family or making a piece of furniture with professional glue guns, of course!

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