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Fresco Dog Foods

Design: Baud
Project Type: Concept
Location: Madrid, Spain
Packaging Contents: Pet Food
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic

Fresco is a German dog food brand committed to using natural, honest, high-quality ingredients. A brand that truly cares about animals, always seeking to offer an excellent product.

The project was launched with a strategy reflecting the values and positioning of the brand which, subsequently, was translated into a verbal and visual identity using powerful packaging— the most important element for this brand’s product.

THE FRESCO UNIVERSE - Creating a Unique Brand
The visual universe created for Fresco evokes the brand’s high-quality cuisine, with its position standing out within its category in the main markets where it’s found: The Unites States and Germany.

The identity is simple yet attractive, evoking tradition, honesty and quality. The bevel highlighting the wordmark gives it emphasis and a strong presence.

AN IDENTITY TO GROW - Elements for creating a uniform and distinguished Brand
A colour palette based on different animals, representing naturalness and vitality, complementing the logo’s neutral colours and facilitating product segmentation.

A selection of basic typefaces chosen for their readability and ease of application in any language combined with a more expressive script typeface. Clear, relatable iconography thanks to the simple, rounded shapes. And illustrations with a watercolour finish, made ad hoc for the brand; they’re very elegant and reinforce the idea that Fresco puts a lot of care into its products.

PACKAGING DESIGN - The main point of contact
We created packaging that can attract the most demanding premium pet food consumers. It portrays the product’s attributes, such as quality, health, well-being, origin and ethics, translating these values in a fresh, surprising way.

AN HONEST PRODUCT, HONEST PACKAGING- Fillets, the star product made from dehydrated meat
The packaging encompasses this quality in a clear, appealing way, while the range of colours gives freshness and helps in the purchase decision, together with the iconography.

A UNIQUE PRODUCT AND PACKAGING- More vegetables, more natural, even more premium
For the product’s premium range, we went with packaging that reinforces its naturalness, using highly-detailed illustrations evoking quality, honesty and care.

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