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Lip strip - lip balm packaging

Design: Satya
Project Type: Student Project
School: MIT institute of design
Course: Industrial design
Location: Pune, India
Packaging Contents: Lip balm
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

The intention here was to re design the way we interact with our lip balms.

To design the lip balm that :
  • Fit one's forgetful nature (Don't you hate it when you loose your lip balms mid way? - No worries! use your regular lip balm at home and keep a few strips to touch up throughout the day)
  • Fit one's pockets ( Doesn't it seem a little off that there is a silhouette bulging out of your pocket that resembles a tampon? - Shift to lip strips. They are as thick as a sheet of paper. )
  • Fit one's needs that change with the season. (Heavier, creamier lip balms tend to melt and start to drip from the corner of the lips. That sucks! Need to buy a new lip balm for this summer. - But, mausam lets you have all varieties of thicknesses in one box! )
  • Fit one's needs to share. (It's really unhygienic to have a friend use your lip balm and give it back to you. Why can't they just carry their own? - Never mind, the friend can use another strip!)

What's Unique?
The way the user interacts with the lip balm is unique yet familiar. We are accustomed of dabbing our lips lightly on a piece of tissue paper after we put on our lip stick.

1 comment: Lip strip - lip balm packaging

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