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Oreo Package Redesign (Student Project)

Design: Selina Hilger
Project Type: Student Project
School: Vancouver Island University
Course: Packaging Design
Tutor: Nancy Pagé
Location: Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
Packaging Contents: Oreo Cookies

Challenge: The challenge I faced with the Oreo package re-design was creating a product that is 100% recyclable and to get rid of the plastic. The original Oreo package I think is also uninspiring and didn’t do anything to show the creativity and the long life of the brand.

Approach: I would like to improve the package with my redesign in order to be more ecologically responsible, for which I would like to do without plastic and fall back on 100% recycled paper. I want my Audience to perceive Oreo as a high-quality product that gives them pleasure and the feeling they did something good for themselves and others.

Outcome: My final package re-design met all the goals that I set out to. I created a box that is in a hexagonal shape. The Oreo Cookies are stacked in three rows with 9 cookies each. My paper choice has the feel of being environmentally aware which I hope will remind consumers to be the same and feel good with it. The principle of my re-design is a flap on one side that can be pulled off to loosen the lid, which is then rotatable. That way you can get to the first row of cookies. If you turn it once more, the packaging is closed again. After the next turn, you reach the next row.

The Design I created was a lot of fun, I had 6 sides to design plus the top of the package. I decided to use the style of the Oreos “Wonderfill“ campaign. Oreo has been around for over 100 years now, which makes the cookie kind of a cult, that’s why I wanted the Design to look a bit old school. 
I had difficulties with the conversion of the revolving lid and the attachment of the interior part to this, in which the cookies are. 
After all, I’m happy with my package re-design and I hope what I’ve made elevates the brand and aligns better to their target audience.

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