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Design: Mayya Mikhaleva
Project Type: Student Project
School: British Higher School of Art and Design
Course: Visual Communication
Tutor: Leonid Slavin
Location: Москва (в пределах МКАД)
Packaging Contents: Chocolate with alcohol
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Polyethylene
Printing Process: Full color offset printing

This package was created as part of a student project. The main objective of the project was to reflect the word "health" in the packaging of any product, but so that it was not directly related to the Pharma. I thought that human health is including his pressure, and alcohol and chocolate directly affects the human pressure and increases it.

And I had an idea to create chocolate with alcohol "Hypertensive". "Hypertension" is the name of people with high blood pressure. The design on the package repeats the design of the numbers that we see on the tonometer when we measure the pressure. The upper value — is the number of milliliters of alcohol in all sweets in the package, the lower value — the percentage of cocoa in chocolate.

Icons with glasses are all different, because each alcoholic beverage has different glasses. In the name – logo "Hyper" — brand, and" Tonic " - sub logo, thus they form an interesting game of words.

What's Unique?
In the category of chocolate with alcohol, I did not see any interesting solutions and I wanted to do something special.

I made a dark chocolate with sweet glaze with strong alcohol, where the glaze repeats the color of alcohol and packaging. Alcohol and chocolate affect the pressure-hence the packaging design in the style of "tonometer" , where the upper value is the number of milliliters of alcohol in all the sweets in the package, and the lower - the percentage of cocoa
in chocolate.

Different chocolate with different alcohol, visually supported by different descriptors of glasses for each drink.

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