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Sonya Rose - always in the spotlight!

Design: Getbrand
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Russia, Moscow
Packaging Contents: Toys
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard

Gulliver commissioned us to redesign its brand Sonya Rose.

The Gulliver company owns the Sonya Rose doll brand, represented by two lines: Gold and Daily collections. Dolls were sold in the high price segment, but they were practically not bought. We needed to correct the situation.

Our first step was to make our design audit "3 layers of efficiency." The visual layer was at a low level: the logo was not visible and was almost unreadable, the design lacked integrity.

With the contextual layer, things were a little better: due to the open packaging, the category was clearly read. But the names of the dolls in the line were clearly not designed for modern children. The conversion layer was at zero point: not a word about the benefits and advantages. People did not understand why they had to overpay for Sonya Rose, and not to buy the usual Barbie, for example.

The overall design score was 32% of the hundred possible.

Using our technique “Platform of Growth”, we decided to build positioning on the individuality. Sonya Rose is a unique doll: she has real eyelashes, hand sewed designer outfits. The target audience of the brand is modern mothers and girls of 6-12 years old. It is important for them to look good, they want to impress others. Therefore, we have turned Sonya Rose into a real trendsetter - into a fashion blogger. She has impeccable taste and impeccable sense of style.

The packaging itself, in tune with a communication solution, has turned into a real glossy magazine. The logo has become a noticeable and readable, fashionable Tiffany color.

In the Daily lineup, we focused on the fact that this is not just a doll in one outfit. She can create five different bright images. In the Collection lineup, we shifted the focus of attention a bit, concentrating even more on the uniqueness and exclusivity of dresses and accessories, even more telling about her beautiful silk eyelashes.

The back side is completely devoted to working out the conversion layer. We offered to start Sonya a real blog on social networks, and Gulliver brand managers supported this idea. On the back side, you can find Sonya's accounts in social networks and we invite girls to follow her and her life online. Sonya covers the most fashionable children's events and leads a rich social life.

Her instagram is actively updated, it regularly publishes information about discounts and promotions, announcements of concerts and events interesting for girls are published.

We reached our goal: brand sales have increased several times. And Sonya Rose found an army of their admirers.

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