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Design: Effie Zoumpouli
Project Type: Student Project
School: AKTO Art & Design
Course: Brand identity and Packaging
Tutor: Nikoletta Antonopoulou
Location: Thessaloniki, Greece
Packaging Contents: Green Tea with flavours (tea bags)
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Bio-degradable carton
Printing Process: Digital printing

This holistic project consists of the many elements which comprise the visual identity and further communication of a green tea brand. Τhe study of the target group of the brand was taken as a starting point as well as the specification of the unique selling point of its products. So the trade-naming of the brand, Beauteas, came as an association to the target consumers' base which was planned to be specifically millenial women. Furthermore, aiming to a deeper engagement of this group, each tea variety was decided to be represented by a worldwide known female Youtube creator.

The six youtubers were selected to be of diverse origins in order for the brand's spectrum to be broad and inclusive. Each tea variety consists of the combination of green tea with a native fruit of the country of origin of each youtuber and is depicted through colour- coding. The six young ladies became "tea ambassadors" and afterwards, characters who were illustrated. The inspiration for the illustrative style was found in female portraits of psychedelic posters of the seventies but was also infused with a contemporary and more sophisticated twist, in the sense that they were given some abstract superheroic features in the form of their accessories. Then, the packaging design followed and included the choice of the box, the colour palette and the application of the logo, the illustrations and the informational typography.

Τhe tea packages were accompanied by bifold advertorial brochures for each tea variety and finally by some merchandise products that are in-line with the art direction of the brand.

What's Unique?
Unexpected shape which has references to beauty and skincare items, illustrated character design based on influential and recognisable internet public figures, strong and contemporary color coding

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