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Tilda. Starbucks new hire welcome kit

Design: Anya Radzevych
Project Type: Student Project
School: ArtCenter College of Design
Course: Packaging Design 1
Tutor: Daniel Hoy
Location: Pasadena, CA
Packaging Contents: Coffee bags, coffee cup and coasters, coffee bean planter, watering can
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Ceramics, Cardboard, Paper
Printing Process: Flexoprinting, screen printing

Tilda is a welcome kit that makes the first day at Starbucks headquarters a memorable experience.

It builds up anticipation to the first day of work and provides a sense of warmth and belonging at the office for the new employee through a carefully selected set of goods.

The name Tilda (written as a symbol ~) graphically refers to all things maritime: waves in the Starbuck's Siren's hair, ocean waves that surround Seattle (where Starbuck headquarters is located), and the Moby Dick novel.

How does it work?
The first Tilda box is shipped to the new hire after a successful interview. It contains a custom blend of coffee based on the personal traits of the new hire that particularly resonate with Starbucks' philosophy (e.g Dark roast for a bold character and free spirit, Light roast for an empathic person). Also in the box are a coffee cup and coasters with cheerful messages.

The second Tilda box is waiting for the hire at his or her desk on the first day at the office. It contains a planter with the coffee tree, a watering cup, and caring instructions. Tending to a coffee tree symbolizes growing professional skills and developing a career with Starbucks.

What's Unique?
The name of the packaging is a Tilda symbol "~" that creates the whole graphic language for the brand. The Tilda wave placed vertically symbolizes a growing plant, and aroma raising from the coffee cup. When the symbol repeats, it creates a pattern that looks like waves or ship ropes. Tilda wave as an edge of the watering cup creates a comfortable angle for watering a plant.

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