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Packaging You Shouldn't Miss In February 2019

Packaging of the World presents the top 10 posts for the month of February 2019. They are selected according to their post views, social shares, social likes, re-tweets repins and people reached. All these data were collected on this website and also on different platforms like our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest page. These projects will definitely inspire you for your next design project, you can also submit your packaging project here!

Strange Luve gin packaging design by 43'oz - Design Studio

Love can be different. Unpredictable, Любовь бывает разной. Непредсказуемой, sizzling, unnoticed, vivid. Strange. And for each and every one of us this phenomenon wields own personal meaning. Same as the attitude most alcoholic beverage producers have towards gin - it can be quite different, strange and unlike anything you’ve tried before.

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Project3 packaging design by miko

In the saturated market of specialist beers, Project3 set out to provide something truly refreshing: the three essentials brewed really, really well.

Tasked with building their identity from the ground up, we crafted a no nonsense, all-flavour brand which reflects the values of the brewery. Project3, a clean new player with the basics perfected.

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Thank you for your purchase - Private Label packaging concept by Jekyll & Hyde

The packaging concept is based on the image of an ordinary cash register receipt. It is also constitutes a visual basis shared by all products covered by the uniform brand “Thank you for your purchase.”

Using the stylistics of cash register receipt, we put the information, which is normally "hidden" by other manufacturers on the reverse side of the package, on its front side. In particular, list of ingredients. This demonstrates our intention to show customers that these are quality products and the brand has nothing to hide.

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Freiheit 1848 whiskey packaging design by Higgins Design

Excellent packaging always tells a story. With our design for a superb single cask malt whisky, we fulfilled this requirement in a very special way, and even took the design process one step further. Because “Freiheit 1848”, a whisky with a name steeped in history, commemorates in “texts and pictures” all those who lost their lives in the fight for civil rights during the 1848 German Revolution.

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Sophia's Tea packaging design by Marka Network Branding Agency

This gorgeous tea packaging has our eyes completely captivated. The colour palette is what makes this tea packaging truly stunning. This packaging immediately grabs the attention of the recipient as a specially crafted work of art and the color scheme pops and is very visually appealing.

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Marja - Nice cream of pure goodness packaging design by Kuudes

Pakkasmarja, a Finnish berry company, had created an entirely new kind of product, like a powdery smooth and stone-cold parfait. Best of all, 72 % of the product is just healthy, non-heated local berries – keeping all the vitamins inside. They contacted Kuudes with a challenge; how to we design and launch this novelty product in a way that consumers really understand the uniqueness of it and find it desirable?

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Fortune Beer packaging design concept by Meredith Niles

For this beer concept packaging, I wanted to create an eye-catching monochromatic system. I started by creating the illustrations, which combine old alchemy symbols with modern, geometric shapes and patterns. From there, I pulled apart the pieces to establish brand assets. By limiting my color palette and using concentric circles as the basis for my layouts, I aimed to keep things clean with what are very busy illustrations.

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KKo Chocolate packaging design by Elephant-Estudio

Packaging design for the KKo Chocolate brand. A brand of great tradition that preserves the same recipes since 1945. Some color tones have been developed inspired by the flavors and the percentage of pure cocoa that each of the products carries.

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Cacaobaba Booster Chocolate packaging design by Ahhaproject

This chocolate projects had to show an unique identity of 'Cacaobaba Booster Chocolate'. A main concept of the booster chocolate is that it gives people wings to fly by consuming chocolate which contains 5 types of powerful healthy ingredients such as maca powder, organic lemon peel, finger root powder and Etc. The design of the booster was inspired by wings statue of Roman period.

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Ritz packaging design relaunched by Bulletproof

Mondelēz International has worked with the London office of global brand design agency, Bulletproof, to revitalise the packaging for its Ritz snacking portfolio, as part of an overall relaunch of the iconic cracker brand.

Bulletproof had already put the glitz back into Ritz back in 2013, when it created the pack design that placed the iconic crackers shoulder to shoulder on shelf. But despite its iconic status, Ritz was getting overlooked in the ever growing snacking aisle, with more and more consumers seeking healthier alternatives. The time had come to review the Ritz recipe and contemporise the branding to help it reconnect with consumers.

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