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830571103927 - Parfum

Design: Shane Goldberg
Project Type: Concept
Location: London
Packaging Contents: Parfum
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Ceramic

Just over 2 months ago, I quit my job with nothing planned other than to reignite my creativity and passion for design. Over the years I had begun to feel my creativity is unfulfilled, therefore my plan was to save up, quit my job, and take a few months out designing and creating some cool sh*t!

830571103927 is my first concept. The idea beyond the product itself was to create almost an “anti brand.” A product with no conventional brand name, no standard logo/logotype, no obvious TOV, aimed at no clear market or gender, showing no sign of a clear flavour/scent/variant - Just a beautiful aesthetic - and a bar code - probably the most ubiquitous mark ever. By all accounts straight poison to any brand manager/client, but this was the point - what does a completely open, unhindered, creatively driven design brief look like?

I was fascinated by the idea of what a ”brand” could be. How would people respond to this product? What would they call it? Culturally/demographically where would it be accepted? How and where would it be merchandised? In this modern age where more products and services than ever can be purchased and experienced in so many dimensions how can brands use this to their advantage to stand out?

The product itself is a conceptual 75ml fragrance. In its creation I started with three words, contemporary - industrial - fashion. I sketched out, 3D modelled and 3D printed the prototype. It was finished and spray painted in my garden. Rubdowns applied and photographed in my bedroom. In all, a lot of fun!

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