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Crimean Sparkling Wines

Design: Brandmeisters
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Moldova
Packaging Contents: Sparkling wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass

A good design masters an art of playing with feelings, as you can easily remember things that make you feel something. That is why our task is to find a feeling, that perfectly matches certain brand and embody this feeling into a visual representation.

This time we redesigned the line of Crimean champagne by Sevastopol Winery. This factory produces sparkling wines from 1938 – plants its own grapes on vast vineyards, processes it, using up-to-date equipment and stores in earth covered tunnels. Starting from 2018 Sevastopol Winery produces wines with protected geographical indication.

We wanted to lay emphasis on the location in design, to tell the Buyer that this champagne origins exactly from Crimea. As Crimea is always a throwback. A throwback to the yesterday evening on the seaside, to the last summertime, or to the unforgettable vacation, that happened 30 years ago – no matter. That is why we didn’t stick to a certain time period, but to something timeless and everlasting.

The main image in the design is a sea-gull, a bird that is always associated with sea, romantic and freedom. We outlined it as a silhouette in a negative space technique, so one can see rose, red or originally green glass bottle through the label. The design is complimented with the well-recognized contour of Crimean Ayu-Dag mountain.

For labels we chose pastel colours, similar to the shades of the sky on sea sunset. And as every sunset in Crimea is unique, each label is different too. Gold stamping and tactile varnish helped to highlight key points in label design. So the label is easy to remember and can be described just in one sentence: “Take that champagne, Crimean, with sea-gull!”

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