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Tabor Winery

Agency: Studio Michal Suday | design group
Designer: Nadav shtreimer
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Israel
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Screen printing, foil hot stamping, uv selective laka

Tabor Winery was established in 1999 as a family winery in a community called Kfar Tavor, in the Galilee region, one of the most prestigious wine regions in Israel. Over the years, the winery has grown to become one of Israel's leading wineries. The winery has always prided itself on being a winery that is attentive to its consumers and wants to give them quality and accessible wine, and most of all - a joyful experience.

From the same concept of quality of the vineyards, Tabor Winery is a member of the "Society for the Protection of Nature” ins Israel, and together created a standard of ecological vineyards, which restore the natural balance to the vineyard environment. For 7 years, the winery has invested great efforts in restoring the natural vegetation and animals to the vineyard environment, in order to give the vineyards an ecological balance that is a healthy environment for growing the grapes. When the barn owl returned to the vineyard, the winery realised that the process was complete and the ecological balance was restored.

In honour of its 20th anniversary, Tabor Winery has decided on a facelift and refreshing the brand and the design of the labels.

In the rebranding process, the main task was to strengthen the visibility of the name of the winery on the packaging and its location in the hierarchy on the labels, creating a strong logo that will be the identifying mark of the winery, and will be the leading element in all the media. To this end, the winery decided on an up-to-date language that makes it easier to identify and that puts in the centre the new logo of the Tabor Winery - the barn owl, symbolising the ecological vineyards of the Tabor Winery.

Then, in order to create a clear differentiation between the varieties in order to facilitate the consumer in the changing shopping situations.
It was important to distinguish between the different series and while the young series received light colors and fun for the intermediate series were chosen darker colours, using the SIRIO PEARL quality pearl paper to create a special prestige look.

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