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Comic Beer

Agency: Reverse Innovation
Art director: Mirco Onesti
Graphic designers: Valerio Tizzi, Matteo Alabiso
Project Type: Produced
Client: Burgot Group
Location: Milan, Italy
Packaging Contents: Beer
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, paper
Printing Process: Digital printing

Comic Beer, beer plus comics, is an innovative proposal that combines two pleasures in a truly unique experience.

The label of each bottle is an original accordion booklet with an entertaining comic strip that you can read while sipping one of the most popular drinks in the world, beer.

The first edition of Comic Beer presents three stories by the young and acclaimed Spanish illustrator Alberto Madrigal, pairing his ironic and individualistic style to a trio of craft beers.

"Technology and headaches” - in which the author recounts with irony his epic quest for a solution for his chronic migraines - is the title that accompanies the blonde Saison with its full head, lively bubbles, and fruity, flowery bouquet with hints of slightly tart wet hay.

The dilemmas of being in a relationship give rise to laughter in "If you don’t clean the house, the house gets dirty", a comic strip matched to another light beer that brings to mind a traditional, unfiltered German Weisse, with its classic aromas of wheat and sweet fruit, a white and creamy head and an opalescent, yellow straw colour.

Finally, "Graduation exam" is a heartfelt and sensitive reflection on the writer’s crisis, a story chosen to partner the amber-coloured Irish Red Ale, with its compact, white head, surprising notes of milk chocolate and aromas of roasted malt with a touch of hazelnut.

What's Unique?
"Beer and comics make a wonderful match! They are informal, but also satisfying at the same time; they are both perfect at just about any time and are two sources of instant gratification – a beer, which gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling, and a comic because it usually compresses an entire story into a few panels," explains Mirco Onesti, partner and creative director of Reverse Innovation. "Our idea is to create a sense of regular anticipation for this product, similar to a comic fan waiting at the newsstand", he says.

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