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Designer: Shirinya Nadeshda
3D artist: Andrew Osenkov
Manufacturer: zabota²
Location: Russia
Project Type: Produced
Packaging Contents: Products for pregnant and moms
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard, polymer
Printing Process: Offset printing, glossy uv varnish, flexography

To develop packaging for the Russian trade mark zabota², which offers products for pregnant and moms.

Women in this period face psychological and emotional problems, hormonal changes. They have to be always in time, take care of their husbands and a newborn. Nobody take care about them during this period. They might consider themselves abandoned, unattractive, shabby.

zabota² is a transliteration of the Russian word забота (eng. Care)

Care in the square. Taking care for mom is the main subject in communications. A few minutes a day for yourself, simple pleasures without aggravating guilt for not everything is perfect.

Maternal care. Who understands mom better than mom? Mom is love, hug, confidence, silence, calm, reliability. Neutral, sometimes serious tone of voice, advice, informed choice. Visual range: simple background, patterns, natural colors, Scandinavian aesthetics.

What's Unique?
Realized by small, but pleasant surprises - gifts in the package. Applying these little gifts you can make hair, fix makeup or relax with a book.

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