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Bath & Body Works

Design: Aishwari Vaidya
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: MIT Institute of Design
Course: Product Design
Packaging Contents: Body lotions, shampoos, shower gels
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Tetra Rex (Bio based tetra pak)
Printing Process: Digital Printing

Today, beauty and personal care products fill aisles of supermarkets and spoil you for choice. The amount of plastic used in it’s packaging has increased exponentially and only a small fraction gets recycled. Most of the plastic waste ends up in landfills or oceans harming the environment.

Hence, the idea behind this project was to design a sustainable packaging of cosmetic tubes by eliminating/reducing the amount of plastic used.

To design a sustainable packaging of cosmetic tubes by eliminating/reducing/substituting the amount of plastic used.

It was challenging to design a tube that was squeezable, waterproof and playful at the same time. My inspiration for this project was 'faceted triangular hand bags' which are highly in trend now.

The tube is made out of TetraRex material, which is a bio based TetraPak made out of paper board and sugarcane derivatives. It is eco-friendly and available in various shapes and sizes. It is highly reliable as it can store the liquid product inside for a long time.

The tube has predefined creases that create small triangular facets on the entire surface which makes it easy to squeeze.

What's Unique?
The squeezable triangular facets give the tube a very strong visual identity making it iconic to the brand. The design, look and feel of the tube makes it stand out among others. The tube is very playful and fun to fidget with. This adds an amusing and delightful element to the experience of using it. Moreover, this tube is made out of eco-friendly materials and is more sustainable than the existing lotion, face wash or shampoo plastic tubes.

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  4. These packaging is looking unique and gorgeous. You need to put them where it can be reachable while taking bath. You need special bath aids to do that. You can use them in appropriate place and can have a relax and comfy bath time.


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