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ikoo Infusions

Head of Design & Illustrator: Sandra Mastinggal
Senior Designer: Ioanna Tsanaka
Location: Germany
Project Type: Produced
Client: ikoo
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Shampoo, conditioner, retail, hair care, styling, oils, extracts
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic, Paper

Hair is a reflection of our identity that is both personal and public.

At ikoo, we want to redefine haircare by creating new an entirely new and innovative brand experience around the topic of hair. Our ikoo infusion collection is the product of our collective beliefs and passions.

When we began our infusion collection, we had only one product -- our Thermal Treatment Wrap. Since this product is very new to the market, we needed to illustrate something to convey to consumers that it is a head wrap. That's when we created "Lola", the illustrated face on the front packaging. As we are a haircare company, we designed her features with closed eyes and simple lips to keep the focus on the hair but also allows it to be iconic. The product was an instant hit and gave us the leverage to expand our collection.

We decided to keep Lola on our packaging in our hopes to give us recognizability and consistency --- like a Starbucks mermaid for the beauty and haircare industry. It gave us an emotional, human, and indie presence as well. We decided for a more muted, pastel palette that gave us a more elevated appeal.

We chose to have a more reduced palette of whites and pastels, to give us a more masstige look in contrast to the louder bottles on retail shelves. The stark white gives us a balance as well, not childish but instead refreshing, young, and modern.

What's Unique?
Our packaging is special due to our concept of using "Lola."

One of the prevailing concepts of our brand is the idea of "Female First." Most beauty brands do not want to announce this strongly, in fear of losing customers.

But we say it boldly and with pride and Lola is an indication of that. Yes, she may still evolve, but we think other brands do not have a packaging that puts an illustration on the same recognizability as their logo. We put a woman's face on a woman's product and we are unapologetic of it.

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