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Design: UP BRANDS Branding Agency
Location: Russia
Project Type: Produced
Packaging Contents: Coffee

As far as the main idea of the Garuda Indonesian coffee brand and packaging design concept was to use images of local masks, which is also played out in the slogan “The spirit of Indonesian coffee”, our illustrators created ethnic illustrations of local spirits that convey the atmosphere of this country and attract attention.

The logo, which is a fictional Indonesian deity with a crown and wings proudly raised up, golden elements in the illustration and packaging color reflect the premium product, emphasizes its status and refined taste.

Garuda Premium - premium quality coffee that will be the perfect gift for true connoisseurs of this hot drink.

2 comments: GARUDA

  1. Nice contrasting colors. Love the powerful Indonesian image on the front, its actually quite unique for coffee package and I'm sure it would grab your attention compared to all the other generic coffee style packaging on the supermarket shelves. I'm a huge coffee fan and will be looking out for a packet of this next time shopping! Thanks for the share. Excellent article too, bravo!

  2. the barong illustration use for sumatra origin is Ragda, and ragda from bali


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