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Thomas Haas Macarons

Design: Cameron Snelgar
Location: Australia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Thomas Haas Chocolates & Patisserie
Product Launch Location: Canada
Packaging Contents: Macarons
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper board
Printing Process: Offset printing with spot varnish and silver foil

In his tradition of exquisite craftsmanship, Thomas Haas bakes his fresh French Macarons each day, and displays their bright perfection in a crystal glass display case. Packaging these eye-catching jewels in a new way--for his customers to carry them home, or to buy as the sweetest of gifts--was a unique challenge, requiring the creativity and fun Thomas invests in all his magic.

Before, a clear two-part PET box served as a product featuring pack. However, these are not flat-pack, use a lot of plastic, are inefficient to ship, and lack visual appeal. Trying to satisfy shipping requirements, display concerns, cost, the environment, production and most importantly, feature the Thomas Haas Macarons as a segmented brand of their own, we arrived at our solution, and the new packs happened within weeks.

Celebrating the contrasting beauty inside-and-out of a Macaron, as well as answering the age-old question of what’s in the box, the new packs feature glossy vs. matte by using spot UV and silver foil, in some cases appearing translucent, and are generously wrapped in three pastel colours.

Thomas always incorporates fun, so we featured colourful Macarons across the top panels. We wanted a billboard effect in-store, and designed crossover images on top, creating an intriguing look, unifying the packs on display, and making a feature of what was waiting inside the packs.

With the angled front panels, the structural package and graphic design are carefully interfaced with each other, thus delivering a clear Thomas Haas Macarons brand. This also differentiates it from Thomas’ other products. The angled front tab is tucked along its edge, providing an almost haptic feel for hands to lift open.

The Structure, although quite different to stock cake and pastry boxes, does incorporate some standard features such as the internal hooks to support the macrons during filling and keep the pack snugly together when closed. The tuck in tab at the front disappears through a slot for closing, seamlessly matching up the bold MACARONS lettering on the front panel.

And inside--a surprise! As you open the stark white base and pastel top, a hit of rich colour and custom pattern inside finish off the presentation, gifting an exciting and valuable opening.

The packs are flat-pack, and require minimal folding during production and filling. They are printed with vegetable-based inks, and are fully recyclable. They come in three pastel colours, two for the six-piece and one for the twelve-piece packs.

Although the French Macarons will always be on display in Thomas Haas’ patisseries, these new little packs, like the magic of that crystal display case, invite his customers to carry these perfect little jewels, Thomas’ French Macarons, out into the world, to enjoy and share them.

What's Unique?
Single part, flat pack, vegetable-based inks, merging the inside with the outside through visual communication and billboard effect on top panel with crossover imagery. Tactile feel on opening tab via tucked edge. Angled front panel integrates structure and graphic design.

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