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Design: Raineri Design
Location: Italy
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, paper

The project starts from brand identity with the aim to consecrate the new and subtle equilibrium between tradition and innovation. Similar to all wineries in Franciacorta, Mosnel also has a history and values which are the focal point in studying its restyling.

We started from the reconstruction of the logo, an important overall element representing the company. We created it in consideration of some of the company’s distinctive elements: the portal and gate of the villa, in particular, was the starting point in constructing the logo. The two statues flanking the entrance remain but are simplified: from a photographic image we arrive at a vector image maintaining the putto as a recognisable iconographic element.

The new logo has given life to the most important traditional elements, revisited in a contemporary style and therefore more up to date and memorable, exalting at the same time in a functional way the values of the brand as history, authenticity and identity of the wine farm.

Restyling of the logo has developed into a coordinated image: labels, references, packaging, Fair materials (brochures, technical reports, advertising).
Regarding the bottle, we have chosen a habit portraying a contrast, almost an incision between the splendid capsule of shining gold (nobility) and the simple label (country culture) offering us the opportunity to maintain rural imagism while exalting the level perceived.

Again, in creating and constructing the advertising, choices have been made to reinforce company values. The initial idea was to represent the company’s strong bonds with the land through the wine seasons. Exalted was the natural aspect (both regarding traditions and the raw materials used by the company) together with a precise choice: we only see the outline of the bottle, an imprint on the ground where the glass is hidden completely to enhance this link with the land and the brand itself (rebranding, therefore), without neglecting the importance of the various references through the choice of well-defined colours.

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