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Design: design VENA
Location: Turkey
Project Type: Produced
Client: PORCOZ
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Household appliances cleaners
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic Bottle
Printing Process: Full Body Sleeve Labeling and Labeling

In the similar design language artworks of the package, which is possessing a powerful stance created by straight, angular and simple basic forms, the product differentiation has been achieved through the visual contents displayed on various ground colors in the middle of a water effect.

While the straight, angular and simple forms were used for building a common identity for all the products of the brand, the forward movement of the surface in the shoulder area created a dynamic expression and provided an ergonomic grip. The Small House Appliances and Washing machine cleaner designs are remarked for their nonslip grip and especially narrow mouth and tips facilitating the access of detail zones. The bottle cap with child security lock displays a serrated design in some parts, a feature that facilitates the opening of the bottle and adds some elegance to the design but also attracts attention to the bottle mouth which allows quite a thorough cleaning. The Dishwasher Cleaner was designed taking into consideration that the product is placed head down in the machine wire basket and that the product needs to be kept in a straight position on the market shelves.

Detailed illustrations and simple written descriptions of the products of principal usage were used in order to facilitate the communication between the artwork designs and the end-users. Since functionally, the product is cleaning the dirt accumulated due to water, such as lime, etc., the design has visualized the addressed products in the center of a circular water effect.

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