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Epica Simple

Design: Getbrand
Location: Russia
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: Russia
Packaging Contents: Yoghurt

About the project
Since the launch in 2016, the EPICA brand has made a real breakthrough in the Russian market. And in the portfolio of the company Ehrmann has a new flagship brand. Revenue in the first year amounted to 1.35 billion rubles, and Forbes included Epica in the top 10 most successful startup brands in 2018. After such success, Ehrmann released Epica Bouqet with floral flavors, Epica Simple with low sugar content, Epica Teasy with tea flavors and Epica Crispy with a crunch.

The company's management decided to redesign Epica Simple in order to highlight the line, as consumers did not see the difference between the main brand of Epica and Epica Simple yogurts. We needed, of course, to keep in touch with Epica, but to shift the emphasis in the design so that the buyer understood that this is another line with a low sugar content.

Epica Simple - yogurts with unusual tastes, in which there is a lot of protein and a minimum of sugar. This is an ideal product for those who watch their figure.

The large-scale introduction of white color in the packaging design emphasizes the yogurt component and conveys the idea of freshness, lightness and naturalness. The Epica logo is no longer dominant on the package, giving way to the inscription “Easy Easy Yogurt”, which helps to orient the customer if he needs a low-calorie product.

The color of the caps (now green instead of blue) is an additional way to highlight the Simple line.

The laconic design allowed us to shift the focus from Epica to the Simple line. We retained our Epica affiliation, but added a simple personality to the Simple line, emphasizing in the design that it is a light and fresh product.

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