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Luxury Flower Box by Fabrice Mathieu Paris

Manufacturer: Max Luxury Packaging
Co-founder: Julien Durand
Location: France
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: France
Packaging Contents: Flowers, Roses, Floral Composition
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Wooden box, recycled paper, paper hinges
Printing Process: Foil stamping

The idea was born from a need and a desire: a need because it responds to a concrete request in terms of ease of use and a desire, that of creating a complete and surprising object.

It's, first of all, a floral creation made up of fresh flowers and foliage carefully selected and hidden in a box that incorporates a mode of conservation. The unique and innovative opening system has been studied to release its contents according to the principle of a flower's natural hatching.

Once the lid is lifted, the sides of the box click and flatten to allow a flower composition or a rose to flourish. The packaging is transformed and becomes an accessory to its content. More than 2 years of research and development were necessary to perfect the product and to file the patent for this opening system.

Each technical component required careful thought to achieve optimal quality and a high level of requirement. The whole concept has undergone numerous tests and meticulous adjustments in order to respect the expected perfection: ergonomics, the fluidity of opening, method of flower conservation.

Noble materials such as wood and paper have been selected for their degree of eco-responsibility while respecting sustainable development.

To make the sensory experience complete, several additional elements were tested and selected. The box is closed with a screen printed rPET ribbon which unrolls a poem by the creator, evoking the shared feelings and the secret of the box. The gift box diffuses from the opening a pleasant mixture of natural essences similar to those of a flower shop. This olfactory signature was imagined by a Perfumer in Paris and designed in Grasse in one of the best fine perfume laboratories in the world. Nestled in the hollow of the presentation, small cardboard like a love note, delivers the private message and handwritten, which can only be read by its recipient.

What's Unique?
The unique and innovative opening system has been studied to release its contents according to the principle of a flower's natural hatching. The lid naturally turns under the box, finalizing the transformation of the box into a sober and elegant container. No additional handling is necessary to care for the flowers. Everything is ready. Simply follow the instructions attached to the inside of the box for maintenance and prolong the pleasure.

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