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APICEUTICALS Premium Organic Honey

Creative Director / Brand Designer: Nikos Roumeliotis
Brand Strategy: Billy Roumeliotis
Art Direction / Copywriter: Dimitra Zakinthinou
Illustrator: Rudj Panebianco
Industrial Designers: Nikos Roumeliotis, Konstantina Anagnou, Rudj Panebianco
Photographer: Katia Papanikola
Print: Karydis Labels
Location: Greece
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: Greece
Packaging Contents: Honey
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Jar, Paper

APICEUTICALS™ Premium Organic Honey Series is the First Honey Packaging design in which the label is an Organic Part of the packaging, creating a surprising -yet premium- unpacking experience.

The industrial packaging design is inspired by the architectural design of the Parthenon: it follows the "Golden Ratio" rule, phi, while representing the origin of the brand, which is purely Greek.

We were inspired to create a "Future Classic" packaging mechanism, just like the Parthenon was built centuries ago and has remained "Classic" throughout the centuries.

All of our products follow the same architectural design; however, each one is differentiated by metallic foil-embossed graphic elements and typography. The graphic pattern is inspired by Arcadia, the euphoric Greek land, which hosts Apiceuticals' family-owned apiaries.

FUTURE CLASSIC DESIGN: Our objective is to pay tribute to the Greek origins of the brand, by creating a "Future Classic" design, both in terms of graphic design, and in terms of its industrial design. The flower pattern across the packaging and labels mirror the abundance of the Greek natural world, where bees harvest pure honey. The industrial design is based on the architectural logic of the Parthenon -the Gloden Ratio- which is also abundant in nature. We use gold foil stamping to give a touch of the unique identity of each honey variety, which further levels-up the packaging's aesthetics.

TRANSFORMING A COMMON JAR TO PREMIUM PACKAGING: The proportion of the Golden Ratio was used to cover the simplicity of the most commonly used jar in the honey industry, but at the same time, to leave enough uncovered surface so that consumers have full visibility of the product. By expanding the label, a "tongue" is created which becomes an "organic part" of the whole packaging. Both the label and the packaging's industrial design foster organic and natural-looking compositions that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, creating and instilling a sense of beauty through harmony and proportion. Just like the Parthenon.

SUSTAINABLE MATERIAL: All of the paper we use for both the label and the carton packaging is FSC Certified, remaining loyal to Apiceuticals™ sustainable efforts towards ethical and organic beekeeping.

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