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Design: Evgeniya Abramova
3D Visualization: Pavel Gubin
3D Visualization: Dmitriy Saveliev
Music: Vasily Filipkin
Location: Russia
Project Type: Student Project
School: British School Of Art & Design
Tutor: Leonid Slavin, Evgeniy Razumov
Packaging Contents: Baby-friendly, Cleaning, Natural, Safe, Sanitizing
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Eco Plastic, Bottle, Spray, Dispenser

BOO! is a safe sanitizing. Say “BOO!” to germs.

The brand of sanitizing cleaning products safe for children and babies.

The rules of baby-care are strict: first several months the area around the baby should be tidy and pathogen-free. Kid’s toys and clothes should be maintained clean. Children like touching everything around them and putting their fingers in the mouth. Therefore they are easily exposed to harmful germs and bacteria. At the same time, the baby’s immunity is not strong enough to resist against such danger. That is the reason why in underdeveloped countries the lack of disinfection stays one of the main reasons for child mortality.

What's Unique?
There is a need for a cleaning product harsh on dirt and germs, but safe to use around children.

The line of multi-usage cleaning products based on natural components, colouring-free and fragrance-free, safe to use around children.
— Multi-purpose washing gel for children's dishware and toys based on chamomile extract.
— Floor cleaning gel based on aloe vera extract.
— Bathroom and lavatory cleaning spray with tea tree extract.

BOO! — and germs are washed off the surface!

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