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ROYAL DUCK - DUX & FATe collection

Agency: CAT 01
Designer: Marin Šubašić
Photography: Marin Šubašić
Copywriting: Marina Pavlić / Juraj Orehovec
Location: Croatia
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Pate & Rendered fat
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass

Royal Duck is a premium brand of highly pleasant, velvety smooth duck liver pâtés and rendered duck and goose fats. Their exceptionality refers to total free range ducks and geese raised in an organic, sustainable and ethical way of farming followed by a professional and passionate craftsmanship.

Their philosophy is straightforward: maintaining a safe, natural habitat combining spacious grasslands, forest and water lagoons to provide ducks and geese a situation in which they are at ease – in their comfort zone. That way, they can surely say that the Anatidae family is provided with a rather royal treatment, and not only it creates an exquisite product, but it also ensures high level of animal welfare.

The task, therefore, was to engage their compelling story and artisanal values into the artistic visual presentation of unique product packaging. Royal Duck’s product line is consisting of hedonist duck liver pâtés under the name “DUX”, followed by gourmet duck and goose fats under the name “FATe”. The DUX collection gathered three astounding duck liver pâtés, starting from delicious classic duck liver pâté, over heavenly duck liver pâté based on a wood smoked meat to duck liver pâté boosted with liquid black gold - pumpkin seed oil.

The FATe assortment includes three rendered, gourmet fats, also known as white magic, as follows: clean duck fat, ultimate culinary delicacy smoked duck fat and impressively versatile goose fat. The net weight of each product’s pure pleasure is 190g, and is protected in a round glass jar covered with a midnight black metal cap. A jar is surrounded with an eye-catching, rustic label, well-proportioned in five segments, each one telling its own, yet analogous story, with its main characters precisely in the middle section – leader Dux and Gastronomad Fate.

Deservingly, His and Her Royal Highness Dux and His and Her Majesty FATe portraits are embellished with an indicative gold, vintage frame, gently complementing particular background colour; mocha brown for a timeless classic duck liver pâté, burgundy purple for exquisite smoked duck liver pâté, kaddu green for delightful duck liver pâté enriched with pumpkin seed oil, umber brown for silky duck fat, maroon reddish for smoked duck fat and dark bordeaux for smooth goose fat. Through the process of discovering this not-so-ordinary duck and geese kingdom, the reader will be easily guided by thoughtfully approached typographic contrast.

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