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Design: Xi'An Gugo Brand Consulting | 西安古戈品牌咨询
Location: China
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: China
Packaging Contents: Bird's Nest
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, cardboard
Printing Process: Four-color printing, UV, hot stamping

The brand image has the following two major demands: Guochao Feng Character IP. Based on this demand, Gu Ge constructed the "internal and external cultivation" of Runyuanyan. Inside-in-depth construction of brand "content". Outside-visual modeling of "symbolic" image.

On the National Tide
National strength and economic advancement, driven cultural self-confidence and return Let "national tide culture", regardless of domain and form, become the current trend of "commercial domain" in the market. The way of presentation on the market is rich and varied, but the good and bad.

About "National Tide"
Before the idea, we conducted in-depth exploration and thinking on this subject. When the "national tide" became a phenomenon and style, many businesses were under the "national tide" gimmick, and they made the superposition of Chinese elements "look like the national tide", but nothing. "The essence of Guochao" The vitality of such brands and the life cycle of products are in market competition. In the short term, it may be borrowed but in the long run, it is weak and unstable, and it is easy to be submerged in the tide under the tide

So, how to take the brand's "national tide" attribute and make it a brand gene? First of all, the brand's attitude towards "National Tide": Do not follow the national tide, but become a national tide! How to "become a national tide"? Brand "to become a national tide" must have two elements: First, we must have the genes of Chinese culture and tradition as connotation. Second, it must be integrated with current trends and meet contemporary aesthetic standards

This is also Gu Ge's understanding and construction guidelines for Runyuanyan®'s "National Tide Wind" appeal. Under the general tone of "National Tide", Runyuanyan needs to be based on the bird's nest product category attributes and market consumption value perception. Establish a communication "relationship" between the brand and the market and users, namely: "Relationship between Women and Beauty" / "Relationship between Runyuanyan and Women" / "Relationship between Runyuanyan and Beauty". The unification of the three with the Chinese tradition and national tide culture is the core creativity of the Runyuanyan brand.

Brand temperament
The product attributes and user characteristics of the bird's nest are very clear. Namely: women's nourishing beauty products. However, in the current market environment where material supply exceeds demand, the reason users pay for the "brand" is not the physical value of the bird's nest, but whether "brand values" resonate with the user's spiritual emotions.

Similarly, the rise of the "national tide" is the collective confidence of culture and the collective honor of national emotions. Therefore, the core values ​​of the Runyuanyan® brand are not the value of the product "Bird's Nest". It is the meaning, attitude, and association of "swallow's nest" to Chinese contemporary women's "beauty".

With the connotation of Chinese traditional cultural genes. It also has a contemporary value and an aesthetic image

It is the image of Runyuanyan® to be built in the category of "Bird's Nest", and also the brand temperament to be presented when the products communicate with users.

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