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CANFIRE. Innovative Fire Source Brand

Design: Red Black Branding Agency
Location: Russia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Eco-fire
Product Launch Location: Russia
Packaging Contents: Ecological source of fire
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Tin
Printing Process: Offset printing

CANFIRE. Innovative Fire Source Brand

CANFIRE is an innovative fire source that has no analogues in the world market. Using it, you can light a fire in a matter of seconds in any weather. It is non-toxic, burns without smoke, soot and smell. It will help to keep warm, cook and survive in extreme conditions. Branding agency from Novosibirsk RED BLACK developed a brand and packaging for a new product.

Ecological fire is most in demand among outdoor enthusiasts. It is on them that the product is positioned. "Means for survival" is a specific expert position that attracts a professional audience and does not repel a massive one.

Verbal identity is based on functionality. The laconic name CANFIRE literally means "a container that can burn". He is supported by the exact phrase-slogan: "burns and warms". Clear, unambiguous communication helps to convey to the consumer the benefits and main essence of the brand.

Signal orange was chosen as the main color, which cannot be missed on the shelf. An expanded form of letters in the logo, a clear geometry of the symbols emphasize the manufacturability and novelty of the product. The laconic layout in the package is designed in such a way as to focus on the name and main advantages. Large typography always looks honest and more attractive to the buyer.

Specially for the project, we developed a crosspiece for cooking, which can be easily folded and placed inside the can. Information about the cross is placed on the sticker on the cover. This add-on enhances the functionality of the product, making it truly versatile.

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