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Like Beer - Non alcoholic cocktail mix

Design: Nishita Desai
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
Packaging Contents: Non-alcoholic beer
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Bottle
Printing Process: sticker printing

We could brew the kind of beer we wanted to drink - authentic, flavorful, and made with only the highest quality ingredients but just with no alcohol. Imagine a beer that isn't a beer!

Our brand provides a crazy mix of non-alcoholic beers inspired by various cocktails and mocktails all around the world. Its wild combinations and crazy fruity tastes create a different high and vibe for the young and carefree adults and teens.

Consumers are major young age and middle-aged people from bachelors to married from students to office going from alcohol drinkers to non-alcohol drinkers. It can be placed with other non-alcoholic drinks and fizz drinks in any restaurants, expo events, parties, music festivals, concerts and pubs

What's Unique?
Unlike other non-alcoholic beers, our products are made in small batches using finely crafted recipes, not formulas, inspired from cocktails and mocktails around the world with a combination of unique fruits and spices.

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