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Dabur honey sachet

Design: Shyam Prasanth. M
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: MIT Institute of Design
Tutor: Samson Mathai
Packaging Contents: Honey
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper board and polyethylene layers
Printing Process: Digital printing

As the largest player in the branded honey market, Dabur has the back-up of widely spread sourcing and stringent quality control measures. Dabur honey is selectively sourced from The Himalayas, the Nilgiris and the Sunderbans forests of the Indian subcontinent. The collection process follows stringent quality checks to ensure even raw unfiltered honey is of the best quality. Raw honey filtered and cleaned of impurities such as dust pollen and wax at state-of-art facilities. The entire process is mechanized and untouched by hands to ensure hygienic conditions.

Dabur honey conforms strictly with all statutory of the PFA and International norms of purity. Dabur Honey has scored the highest on the main parameters of honey purity in a recent analysis of all Indian branded and unbranded honey.

Dabur honey has various packages of different size and quantity (50 ml, 100 ml,500 ml, etc.) but I have come up with a sachet packet for easy use and an optimal mini pack for daily users

What's Unique?
People are in need of a drip-free alternative for honey bottles, which can function effectively at any point of necessity; for example gyms, offices, schools, colleges, etc.

An eco-friendly sachet design is implemented which gives it a minimal, aesthetically appealing and biodegradable package Using Six layers of paper, polyethylene, and aluminum foil to keep it fresh and making it 80% biodegradable.

The sachets come in a box of 10 units a total of 150 ml of honey is present in a box, the honey is provided as a pack of ten to make it easier for logistics and for the market shelf display. the package is provided with tear away grooves at the top of the package to make it easy and handy for the users.

In order to abide by Dabur honey's existing minimalist package graphics, I have used minimal designs for the graphics too.

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