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Incense sticks packaging for maeva store

Design: Prakash Kale
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
Packaging Contents: Incense sticks
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Thick solid cardboard and paper-pulp with fire catch avoiding additives like urea
Printing Process: Offset printing

Product study: Incense sticks were used in the temples earlier but nowadays people started using it as a room freshener, while meditating, on juice stalls and in kitchens or on dining tables, etc. Incense sticks are mostly used in India and also maximum manufactured in India. Sticks are 5 mm in diameter and 10 inches in length. This size does not change easily. The company usually buys the raw sticks and then pack it by adding flavor to it.

  • Almost all brand’s product dimensions are identical.
  • People spend the amount to buy the Agarbatti stand.
  • Some don’t buy stand they use fruits, rice in the cup, overhang surfaces, or cavities in surfaces around.
  • Nowadays dhoop Agarbatti (incense cone) is also famous.
  • People who are devotees collect the agarbatti holy ash also so they need plate under the stand.
  • People are emotionally attached to the product. They think from the heart while buying this type of product.
  • They are also interested in the use of different flavors and brands.
  • There are some incense sticks who's smell cause coughing as sometimes little amount of rubber is there. It should not release toxic fumes.

  • Design an incense stick packaging with stand included in it and able to match the current trends of stands without compromising aesthetics.
  • Criteria: Design the packaging with an incense stick stand embedded into it.
  • It should have easy and affordable manufacturing.
  • With minimal graphics and replicating peace and calmness.
  • Customers will be those who meditate, want room smell decent, middle class working peoples who like minimal and clean things.
  • The material should be a recyclable, chip, and easily available.

Features: Easy stacking due to flat faces. Transportation is easy. Easy to showcase in shelf for retailers. Ash is organized and at any orientation, we can use it as a stand. It can be a tabletop object when not in use.

What's Unique?
Nowadays people are using incense stick stands in a horizontal orientation. they have to buy it and have to spend the optimum amount of money. The unique thing about this packaging is we can use its cap as an Incense stick stand for conventional use and it keeps ash organized. also, we can use it in horizontal orientation still it can organize the ash from sticks. it has simple and relaxing graphics on surfaces. outer shape never lets it roll when it is in a horizontal position. whenever we will keep these retail stores it's blank space will catch the attention of customers.

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