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The Thought Box (Mental Health Kits)

Design: Ibrahim Attarwala
Location: India
Project Type: Produced
Client: The Thought Co.
Clinical Psychologist: Priyanka Verma
Product Launch Location: India
Packaging Contents: Activity cards, Blank letters, Toys
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Sliding cardboard boxes
Printing Process: Digital printed sticker labels

The Thought Box is a range of mental health kits created completely from scratch for The Thought Co (A mental health studio).

The core idea behind these boxes was to have a first aid kit for mental health. We created a range of mental health kits for people who are dealing with issues like depression, anxiety, a toxic break-up or self-love.

With the help of the team of clinical psychologists at The Thought Co., we researched symptoms and behavioural patterns of people who were dealing with such mental health problems and came to the conclusion of creating 4 mental health kits for 4 distinct mental health problems namely depression, anxiety, break-up & self-care.

The approach for the packaging design of each box was colour specific, meaning the colour for each box had a very defined clinical purpose. We created a minimal yet vibrant label for the khaki coloured boxes to add an aesthetic touch.

  1. 'The Thought Box for Depression' had a blue theme to symbolize the cold body temperatures of a person who was dealing with depression.
  2. 'The Thought Box for Anxiety' on the other hand had a red theme as those dealing with anxiety have a misfiring fight/flight response, causing the body to heat up quickly. Thus we chose red to symbolize anxiety.
  3. 'The Thought Box for Break-up' was made specifically to cater to people who had just gotten out of a toxic relation thus we used green( the colour of toxicity) to symbolize that.
  4. 'The Thought Box for Self-care' had a purple theme to induce the idea of self-love and self-care.

These boxes contained various items specific to each box, like cue cards, journal prompts, activity cards, letters to self and certain toys like fidget cubes and play dough that would help ease the user's mind.

Please note- These mental health kits do not claim to cure mental health problems, but to help assist along with professional help.

What's Unique?
The packaging for this product was made keeping in mind the young adults of India who are still not comfortable to have conversations about mental health. The vibrant labels on the khaki boxes were designed to create a sense of curiosity to open the boxes and to interact with the items in them.

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