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SVIP Cleaning Accessories

Agency: Ohmybrand
Creative Director: Nadezhda Parshina
Designer: Anna Rufova
Location: Russia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Plastic Republic
Product Launch Location: Europe
Packaging Contents: Cleaning accessories
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper labels

The Ohmybrand branding agency has radically updated the brand of cleaning accessories SVIP as part of its launch on the European market. Updated labels for brushes, mops, rags and buckets encourage to think of cleaning as of time… for dancing!

Initially, the Plastic Republic company addressed Ohmybrand for a small correction and adaptation of the packaging design for the western market. However, the task has grown in the making – it became clear that more drastic changes are needed for a successful launch outside of Russia.

The category of goods for cleaning and household is poorly branded, the packaging is often a simple label with technical information attached in an inconspicuous place. The Ohmybrand team suggested rethinking this format, making labels more visible and presenting cleaning as something fun and enjoyable.

Many people turn on their favorite music loudly when they start cleaning, just to brighten up the process. And for some, cleaning is not a chore but a chance to switch their attention onto something different and even to meditate. Also, dancing with a mop as a partner is a picture that we can see in various cartoons and movies," says Anna Rufova, the art director of Ohmybrand. So why don’t we offer our customers to look at cleaning through the prism of dancing?

This visual metaphor perfectly matches the products of the SVIP brand – bright, ergonomic and pleasant to use. In addition, it aligns with the insight of the core target audience of SVIP – people who choose home accessories with love and attention. It is important for them to choose, for example, a brush that does not only sweep but is ergonomic and comfortable to hold.

The theme of dancing became a good basis for updating the architecture of the product portfolio. Before that, there were four lines in the SVIP brand, and the division into such large blocks limited the communication capabilities of the packaging. After the transformation, there are eight lines, each corresponding to a specific dance: Practical (Disco), Softell (Ballet), Quadra (Step), Classic (Bolero), Original (Tango), Decor (Flamenco), Wood (Foxtrot), Nature (Soul dance). This division increased the mobility of working with the portfolio and made it easier to navigate it, primarily for suppliers and store representatives.

The process of choosing the dance styles was very long and thoughtful. We wanted to find the most accurate image for each direction, to make sure that the illustration on the label really resonates with the industrial design of a particular product, comments Anna Rufova. We decided that classical dance styles should represent standard positions, and modern styles – the
specialized ones.

The metaphor of dancing is supported by the composition of labels – the logo acts as a spotlight, a beam of light that highlights the dancer. The necessary technical information about the product is placed around, in the shadow, grouped into logical blocks and reinforced with a set of icons.

As part of the project, not only the packaging was developed, but also the design of a B2B website, a product catalog, a presentation template and the concept of an exhibition stand. All the mediums developed by the Ohmybrand team have already shown their effectiveness and ease of use — as well as SVIP products themselves.

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