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Zolotoy Trostnik

Design: Getbrand
Location: Russia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Mistral
Product Launch Location: Russia
Packaging Contents: Cane Sugar

In connection with the growing popularity of cane sugar, which is becoming more accessible and familiar to the consumer, it was decided to update the Zolotoy Trostnik trademark so that the product becomes more visible on the shelf, and in order to take a leading position in the segment without eroding the price positioning of the brand Mistral, under which the premium brown sugar line comes out.

In design, it was important for us to highlight the features of the product, emphasize its origin and naturalness.

Cane sugar is a colonial product with a history full of legends and romance.

Therefore, the upper part of the package is made with imitation of postage stamps, conveying the atmosphere of long-distance travel and sea cargo, which, together with the brown background of the package, makes it feel like you are in front of a package delivered straight from Colombia.

The golden logo reflects the naming and adds premium. We've added more personality to the logo by making it visible and inscribing a hummingbird - a vibrant bird that lives in Colombian forests, symbolizing joy and enjoyment in every moment of life.

Homeland of sugar «Zolotoy Trostnik» is Colombia, a country of hot tropical sun and succulent cane plantations. And we further emphasize this in the product passport, where we have placed a specially drawn illustration of the Colombia brand, further emphasizing the place of origin of the product.

On the reverse side, it is written in detail about the product itself and there is a map of Latin America, with Colombia highlighted on it, once again reminding the buyer about the origin of sugar. We did not disregard even such a detail as a barcode, making it interesting and creative.

Golden Cane is a healthy and natural product that will add bright colors to familiar drinks and dishes!

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