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Design: Vaidehi Kanade
Location: India
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Sanitary Pads
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Digital Printing

It’s 2020 and menstruation still remains a huge taboo in India. There are still many people who do not accept menstruation as a natural process. Women are shy while buying sanitary pads, & not open to talking about. Thus, to create a conceptual brand which talks about the acceptance of the natural menstruation process & create awareness among people.

Mindfulness is specifically for women, but it targets every human being to create awareness about the menstruation taboo. It makes women aware of their body, to recognize the changes happening in the body & others to be more aware & mindful of this natural process.

The aim was to create sustainable packaging for sustainable sanitary pads made of organic cotton.
Packaging Concept: 1. The outer packaging is made of paper that is eco-friendly & compostable.
2. Each pack of pad gives a message to the consumer to help bring comfort & confidence. It tells women that it is absolutely okay to listen to yourself & your body during this unpleasant & tiring menstruation process.

What's Unique?
The printed QR Code at the back of the packaging once scanned gives information about the product to the buyer. Track & Traceability Concept: It tells us how the product is made, takes us back to the source of the product, which cotton is used, from where does this cotton come from till the final manufacturing of the product.

This technology brings us the actual & truthful information of the product.

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