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Caucasus vodka "Volevaya"

Design: B&H
Location: Russia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Lux-Alko LLC
Product Launch Location: Russia
Packaging Contents: Vodka
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass , Paper, Metal
Printing Process: Digital printing, Screen printing, Foil stamping

Integrated development and sale of private label of vodka "Volevaya".

B&H has developed a private label of vodka in the mid-price segment under the registered name "Volevaya". "Volevaya" was created specifically for the market of the North Caucasus. Today the brand is owned by Lux-Alko LLC, one of the oldest wholesale suppliers of alcohol from the Republic of Dagestan. The B&H team carried out field supervision over the sale of the product under the trademark "Volevaya" up to the filling of the first batch of the product.
The B&H agency's own analysis on the Russian alcohol market and the Caucasus market, as well as the personal experience of manufacturing partners in the North Caucasus region, revealed the growing need of local residents for a patriotic product against the background of the Russian domestic political trend towards patriotism. In the “pre-coronavirus” world (at the time of development and sale of the Volevaya trademark), this tendency was especially strongly felt in the most promising medium-price vodka segment. However, there was a clear trend towards nature, which the pandemic significantly strengthened in the needs of the target audience. The marketing analysis showed the practical absence on the market of strong alcoholic brands with a local cultural specification, which would simultaneously use the trends of patriotism in the meaning of love for a small homeland and environmental friendliness.
The visualization of the “Volevaya” trademark shows a vivid archetypal image of the Caucasus, which is equally understandable to the audience of consumers in the European part of Russia and in the Republic of Dagestan. The values ​​of status, local patriotism, values ​​of self-identification, belonging, safety and purity that are important for the consumer are combined in the key image of the brand – a proud eagle soaring over a wild gorge. Other nationally colored visualization attributes complete the brand's construct. The simplicity and archetypal nature of the images used and the quality of visualization distinguish the Volevaya vodka on the grocery shelf and facilitate the reproduction of the brand feeling in the customer's memory.

The total project implementation period from sale to bottling of the first batch is 5 months.

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