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Doypacks Art Of Tea for marketplaces

Design: AGA
Location: Russia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Art Of Tea
Product Launch Location: Russia
Packaging Contents: Tea
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Doypack
Printing Process: Printing, transparent sticker

About the Company
The Art of Tea company is owned by two brothers Andrey and Alexey Vlasov, enthusiasts of their business. They take tea samples in China and test them before releasing on the market. In other words, they sell tea which they drink themselves. They also actively communicate with their customers, tell about tea varieties and keep up interest in the tea theme. Their slogan is: "Make tea. This is an art".
Concept and realization
Art of Tea decided to test a new distribution channel: sale of tea through marketplaces and food delivery services.

We were commissioned to design a new product line. The tea has to be in a convenient inexpensive packaging to easily launch small runs and immediately assess how the sales will go. First, we studied the virtual showcase of marketplaces and product category search results in the sales regions. Packaging plays a big role: a vivid package is easier to be noticed and remembered.

We chose a craft doypack — a flexible sealed bag with a bottom and zip-lock. This is a ready-made inexpensive package, it is easy to use for small runs and to launch different types of tea. The name sticker on the transparent film does not overlap the texture of the paper and looks like paint, not a foreign layer on the package, which makes it more attractive.

Such an approach to launch a minimum and sufficient product exactly corresponds to the principle of modern marketing — to put forward the hypothesis and test it immediately. As well as avoid investing all your resources in one project or one distribution channel, but rather to try different opportunities.
Photo Shooting
We styled the shoot for advertising. It was important to move away from the beaten image of Chinese tea with the classical attributes for brewing — tea boards, Isin teapots and others. We used the stylistics of modern minimalistic still life. We chose a warm and rich color scheme, similar to the color of tea infusion, and picked up items that are not usually associated with a tea still life.

What's Unique?
Fast and inexpensive packaging for marketing research which doesn't need to be adapted for large production volumes

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