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Vietnam Banseo

Design: Onejae Lee
Location: South Korea
Project Type: Student Project
School: Hoseo University
Tutor: WookSun Jang
Packaging Contents: Banseo dumplings
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic
Printing Process: Digital Printing

The project is a Van Shee dumpling package that reflects Vietnamese food culture and Korean natural food along with Pulmuone's entry into K-Mart. Banseo is a dish made of rice flour that is folded into a half-moon shape with vegetables, meat, and seafood.

It is also called a Vietnamese pancake because it is similar to Korean pajeon or green pancake, but the shape itself is more similar to crepe or tacos. We added Korean food as the motif of Banche, a popular dish that is easily accessible. These dumplings include kimchi, tofu, bean sprouts, and rice. BANXEO varies in dough and form from region to region. Considering this, it was developed into a three-type product that suits the tastes of western, central, and southern Vietnam.

Completed BANXEO can be cut into small pieces and wrapped in sacred leaf vegetables, herbs, or semi-cooked beans to soak in various sauces. It is expressed through rich materials and images that share the seeds of light and food. The background is based on the natural image of West, Middle and South Korea, and effectively conveys the lyrical image of Vietnam and the image of fresh Banshe dumplings in each region along with Nolan, a traditional hat symbolizing agricultural culture.
What's Unique?
Considered a symbol of softness and agricultural culture along with Io Zai, the traditional Vietnamese triangular hat called Nola is made of woven leaves, which also means Vietnamese agricultural culture and hardworking people. This product is a package of HMR dumplings made by mixing Vietnamese agricultural culture with Korean traditional food. The hat, a symbol of agricultural culture, was used as a selling point and is divided into herbs, chili, and sweet sauce for northern, central, and southern Vietnam.

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