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Wabi & Sabi - Matcha Brewing Kit

Design: Vanshika Kejriwal
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: Unitedworld Institute Of Design
Tutor: Mr. Abhrojit Boral & Mr. Sambit Pradhan
Packaging Contents: 50 gm Matcha, Bowl, Whisk & Spoon
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Rigid Carboard, Tin, Plastic
Printing Process: Digital Printing

Together, Wabi & Sabi means Beauty in Simplicity and the Japanese tea ceremony is not only appreciating simple things but also about simple practices. The Japanese “way of tea” is a lot more than just enjoy drinking matcha. It is a highly structured ritual centered on the preparation, service, and consumption of steaming bowls of matcha. The purpose of this kit is to provide Indian consumers with an authentic experience of the Japanese Tea Ceremony culture.

Packaging consists of a trapezoidal box which creates a dynamic impression and makes it quite unique and interesting for gifting purposes. The ease of assembling makes it convenient for the user to use the box again in the future to keep the contents back in place for the longevity of each of its peculiar items. It has a cardboard tray with a cavity created according to the shape and sizes of the content to prevent them from damage.

Matcha green tea is very sensitive to heat, humidity, and light. It loses its color and quality very quickly when exposed to any of the above elements. Therefore, it is kept in a tin box. Its wide opening provides better access for Chashaku(spoon) to withdraw the matcha. Chasen(Whisk) is kept in a separate container to protect the prongs for a longer duration.

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