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Av Street food packaging

Company: Azbuka vkusa
Design director: Arnis Millers
Art director: Alexandra Loginevskaya
Design & layout: Alexandra Loginevskaya, Daria Kwon, Alexey Pashnin, Anna Kondratova
Illustrations Valeria Ponamorenko
Photography: Elena Boduen
Text: Maria Bushueva, Ira Ivanova
Project management: Alena Radionova, Kristina Putinceva, Anastasia Safonova
Location: Russia
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: Russia
Packaging Contents: Ready food
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, plastic
Printing Process: offset printing

Objective: To redesign the package for the street food products of the brand "Already Ready-To-Eat" of Azbuka vkusa. The main target audience consists of young people, active persons who are used to eat on the move.

Troubles: The main problem with current design for our street food products is that it does not respond to the needs of the target audience. It is difficult to navigate the widest assortment range, there is a lot of visual noise on the package, the product features are incomprehensible, and the product itself is not particularly visible inside. There is also one more problem because of the company's point of view concerning the display of the products on the shelves. In the current design option, we must use as many as two photos for each product and also write many "beautifying" selling words to put the product on the shelf.
Solution: The redesign has been approached comprehensively. We have reviewed all the cuts in all existing packaging types and have improved a lot of things. We have made the products visible to the maximum extent possible, and now, the product can sell itself. We have developed a vivid and coherent system: no texts with inviting effects and complex labels, and which is most importantly, we have got rid of the photos, because the product itself is great.

The design system is now based on a large, dynamic typography which attracts attention and tells the consumer what the product looks like and what ingredients it is made from. Simple and plausible. Minimalistic icons and colours are mirroring the main ingredient of the product, which creates clear coding for the consumer. We have put features and important unique selling propositions on a package side and tagged them to make it easy for consumers to find the characteristics that are important to them. In the new design, the product info can be read easier from afar and looks cleaner in a single merchandise display unit.

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