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Agency: Naked bureau
Copywriter: Natasha Denysenko
Designer: Igor Kolomiiets
Location: Ukraine
Project Type: Produced
Client: Ryabchick
Product Launch Location: Ukraine
Packaging Contents: Chicken snacks
Packaging Substrate / Materials: PET Doypack pouch
Printing Process: Flexography

Ryabchick are thin chicken filet slices with soy sauce. Air dried and crunchy. It`s a new kind of snack for Ukrainian market — kinda like meat jerky, but healthier and safe for kids. Because they use less salt and preservatives and are air dried at a higher, than regular curing, temperatures. Oh, did we mention they`re crunchy?

So Ryabchick is a viable healthy snack option. But Ukrainians perceive dried meat products only as beer snacks and are not aware of the healthy part — it`s nutritious and satisfying without the use of frying oils, or artificial preservatives. That`s why the bureau`s design direction and strategic task was to design a packaging, that would stand out of the jerky category and fight the stereotype of dried meats as. beer snacks
Field research revealed, that the texture has something novel to it — all other dried meats are chewy, but Ryabchick has a satisfying crunch to it. That`s why the solution started with the name itself. The product is marketed as ‘chicken crunch’ instead of the usual ‘chicken jerky’.

To further stand out in the category client decided to target people with an active lifestyle. That includes young professionals, health buffs, athletes, parents and athletes. Our audience is broad, so we focused on finding common ground for all of them and we did.
We based our design approach on the fact, that our audience lacks time and constantly under pressure of everyday stress. And that`s a great opportunity to market Ryabchick as an everyday anti-stress snack aid. To do so Naked designed a character apty named Ryabchick. He`s constantly on the run, but has a chill and relaxed demeanour.

Ryabchick is accompanied by the bright yellow and red colour scheme, because the product is in a reasonable price segment. And dynamic design and layout further work on creating a cheeky and mischievous character of the brand.
What's Unique?
This product is the only crunchy chicken snack on the market. That's why we wanted it to stand out from the competition by ditching handcrafted jerky style and going with a colorful and bright packaging. Also the k in the wordmark is really special. Its inspired by the shape of chicken feet and is as crooked as the real thing.

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