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Istanbul Lays Chips Concept

Design: Ihsan Salah
Location: Turkey
Project Type: Student Project
School: Bahçeşehir university
Tutor: Didem Wong
Packaging Contents: Chips
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic
This is a lays new limited edition 3 flavors of Istanbul chips packaging project. The concept behind the project is inspired by a mix of emotions towards the city of Istanbul. I am a foreigner living in Istanbul and since day one, and admiring feeling towards this city has evolved specially to its history. Istanbul has a rich history and you can feel and touch this richness once you step foot in this amazing city, thus I thought the best way to transfer what I perceived is by taking everyone on a journey to 3 of the most known areas of Istanbul and introducing people to unique flavors that can be found in these areas. I decided to visualize my idea with “ postage stamps “ since they reflect my way of seeing Istanbul as a heaven of rich history and culture.

Postage stamps were faces of cities and cultures from around the globe, these might be small drawings and illustrations on a small piece of paper but the impact is huge, postage stamps connected the whole world, they travel in places and time periods, which makes perfect sense to visualize history and time travel in a form of a postage stamp, I want to connect the world through time travel to Istanbul with flavors that strongly represent the city.
In this project you will find 3 chips flavors :
Balık ekmek, which is a “fish sandwich” is the treasure of eminönü, if you ever visited Istanbul and haven’t tried one of those you really missed a lot.

Kestane, which is “ chestnuts “ can be found almost everywhere in Istanbul, but I personally think that taksim should be the area of choice since that area has special vibes, and the scent of kestane that occupied the air is definitely one of the most things I love about taksim.

Kumpir, ortaköy is the one and only place you can get the best warm delicious kumpir ever. Kumpir is a baked potato that is opened and mixed with butter and cheese and is filled with a variety of toppings of your choice. This dish is a bomb of flavors and indeed is very addictive.

I choose lays for my project because I believe that it's not just one of the biggest and well-known companies in the field, but also it had and still creates the best flavors, it also always amazes us with new unique flavors that you can’t get over. So lays is the best and most right fitted with my concept.

What's unique?
I believe the connecting point between my concept & choice of product is unique, it's all about the concept I would say

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  1. I was fortunate enough to photograph products for Seabrooks crips, I like their designs, but these take creativity to the next level!


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