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VALOR, chocolate for desserts

Location: Spain
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Chocolate
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Digital printing

Valor is a Spanish family business, based in Villajoyosa, which for more than 130 years has been dedicated to the production of chocolate products. It sells four ranges of products: chocolate bars, hot chocolate, chocolates and pastries. This project focuses on the range of melting chocolate bars for confectionery.

In this case, your products show an outdated and too classic image. We detected that the packaging did not show the uses that the product can have and that the organolepsy was in the background. For pastry products it is key to be able to convey the sensations that chocolate can offer and how appetizing the desserts you will cook with it will be. In addition, the image of the two products was totally different, it did not seem that they belonged to the same range.

So the design strategy revolves around showing how we can use chocolate to melt and above all make the design appealing. Also the design of the two products had to create a range relationship.

This is the result when the product is expressed. A design made entirely with chocolate in its different forms. The concept of showing the use of the product in the packaging itself is a tool that can give a differentiating and creative result like this one.
For this range of two products, the bottom of the container is kept, a brownie dipped in dark chocolate in which you can deliberately see how the creaminess of the chocolate surrounds the content. Lighting is our great ally to show the texture of chocolate. Even the brand itself appears on a cookie, everything is integrated into the dessert ... I mean ... in the packaging.

So as if it were a cake, the product information is written with chocolate. All the fonts were carefully designed to later manufacture them in chocolate and biscuit. It was of great importance that all the information was legible even if it was made with chocolate.

The conceptual design of these products aims to add value to the brand through a quality and timeless design, while creating an image that encompasses the entire range.

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