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Design: Getbrand
Location: Russia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Avida
Product Launch Location: Russia
Packaging Contents: Flavored milk for children
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard, plastic

About the project
Agro-industrial holding "Avida" was founded in 1996 and today is the 4th company in the Russian Federation for the production of raw milk, which has its own raw material base. Currently, the assortment of products under the Avida trademark is presented in all regional and federal shopping centers, not only in the Belgorod region, but also in the Central Region, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov, etc.

Avida commissioned us to redesign milk line with flavors for children in portioned packaging Avishka. We were tasked to create more emotional and dynamic packaging with a new brand character that would interest the child and involve him in the game. The previous packaging with the image of a static hero, an unnatural food zone, and a weak logo has lost its relevance over time. In addition, there was no clear differentiation in tastes and a clear category of the product.

A lot of complex work was ahead - from the development of a logo and a new brand character to the processing of the packaging architecture as a whole. The packaging had to clearly convey the category and taste, visually stand out on the shelf among all other brands that also use a mascot on the packaging.

Our hero is a mischievous squirrel who loves milk. It is important for a mascot to have certain characteristic features inherent only to him. Therefore, the squirrel is wearing an original sweatshirt with a hood, in which holes for the ears are cut - this makes the character original and individual, not like others. The sweatshirt changes color depending on the taste of the drink, and thus we achieve differentiation in the line. Plus, the squirrel always has a glass in his hand, showing the color of the drink. As if on a surf, he glides over a milkshake like on the surface of the ocean, sometimes using a chocolate bar as a surf, or a half of a strawberry. The dynamic diagonal composition attracts and retains attention.

The new logo has changed the style and color scheme and is made in the form of a dark blue cloud with the words "Avishka" on it. The color is symbolic for the category for dairy products, which is especially important on the cold shelf.

In a short time, the Avishka brand has strengthened its position and entered federal retailers. It allowed the company to increase its sales in addition to the main traditional dairy products.

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