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Bars of Bliss

Design: Kritika Jindal, Kshiti Vora
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: MIT Institute of Design, MIT ADT University
Tutor: Prof. Rajendra Thakre
Packaging Contents: Flavoured Chocolates
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Boxboard and Paper

To design packaging for a hypothetical chocolate brand. The brand will represent the different cultures of India, and also by using some unconventional ingredients that will produce some magnificent flavours in the chocolate market. The packaging will have illustrations that will be depicting our Indian culture and how each state is represented through some of its famous monuments, spices, etc. Also, the prime motive is to make the packaging look more lively and interactive. The brand name is written in a desi style to give a look and feel of what all our culture is all about.

Also, our motive was not only to design packaging but also to solve the problems faced by the users -
  1.  It's very difficult to find the date of expiry as there is a whole bunch of information written on the back.
  2. MRP is written in such a light font, as it's not easy for everyone to read it.

Traditionally, chocolate doesn’t feature highly in food in India or any of Subcontinental Asia. Most desserts are made from milk, butter, rice or fruit. However, adding Indian ingredients to the chocolate market can make a big difference in the chocolate world. From bitter to fruity, woody to sweet, chocolate has a huge range of tasting notes which is why infusing it with exotic, unconventional ingredients can produce some magnificent flavours.

The product provides easy identification of flavours and also which chocolate is from which state. The product provides easy identification of flavours and also which chocolate is from which state. Also talking about the user problems, they have been solved, as the required information is written in a very simple and interactive way that it becomes very easy for any user to read it.

7 comments: Bars of Bliss

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  2. The curators are probably blind, or they would know best to differentiate between copied designs and original designs.

  3. Approving and curating this has to be Derrick Lin's biggest blunder to date

  4. It should be named Bars of Abomination or BETTER Bars of Shit. Not a single element is original. The best you could have done would have been to take the efforts to give credits to the actual illustrators! I'm Appalled by such unethical designers. Also, if you feel lazy, here are the names, GRMARC - Illustrator of the Indian monuments and MACROVECTOR illustrator of the spices. Godspeed recovery, for you have been shown your place.

  5. The least you guys could do is come up with a unique packaging shape but no... instead, it's a box... A FUCKING BOX


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