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Déjà Bru

Design: Shrishti Sahani, Siddhi Mandora and Niharika Rahalkar
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: Indian School of Design and Innovation
Tutor: Utkarsha Malkar
Packaging Contents: Coffee
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Steel Mugs and Cookie Container, Silicone Seal and Paper Slippie
Printing Process: Digital Printing

Déjà Bru - The Sustainable Future consists of a premium alternative that can uplift Bru's image and give them some fresher and relevant packaging design. The new line of Bru will offer a design that is travel friendly and can have multiple uses. It'll offer more products and options of coffee while staying relevant and having something that would appeal to the young and the old universally. The name Déjà Bru is derived from the simple emotion of enjoying coffee again-n-again.

STRUCTURE: The new premium variant of Bru consists of a capsule shaped structure consisting of steel mugs one on top of the other sealed with a steel lid with a silicone seal, connected by a small cookie container, cause what is Coffee without Cookies? Each mug has a paper slippie wrapped around it with unique designs depending on the coffee flavour categories.

FUNCTIONING: The consumer buys the Capsule which contains powdered coffee, depending on the flavour of their choice. They can store the powdered coffee in their respective containers and use the capsule as a travel buddy. They can refill the mugs with liquid coffee from Bru Vending Machines that will be placed at convenient spots like malls, corporate buildings, hospitals, Food Courts, Airport etc.

CATEGORIES: Bru has been divided into three categories i.e. The Regular Twist (Americano, Cappuccino and Latte), Brews of Origin (Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala) and For the Love of Combos (Seasalt, Vanilla and Hazelnut).
DESIGN: The Regular Twist Designs are developed based on the country of origin of the names of these coffee types. The patterns are inspired from the traditional design style of the countries; Italy- Italian Renaissance, Turkey- Traditional Wall and Floor Designs, Austria- Traditional Textile Style.

Brews of Origins Designs are based on the three main origins where Bru Coffee originates from. The designs are inspired from the architecture of the famous temples of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala.

For the Love of Combos Designs aim to act as an escape from something conventional that is experimented, refined and given to the audience to enjoy. The designs on the labels reflect the joy of flavoured coffee.
What's Unique?
The uniqueness is that the Bru Vending Machine would cater to all enthusiastic Bru lovers who own a Déjà Bru Capsule. The Capsule will be provided with an inbuilt barcode which would be used to operate the machine. The barcode will be used to sign into the Bru App that would easily be accessible on App Store and Play Store. The Customer would have to choose the flavour they would like out of the nine options and the app will automatically produce another customized barcode that they can scan on the Vending Machine and have their to-go coffee ready in a matter of minutes following a no-touch policy.

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  1. Wow!!! What a blog. The way you explain it the way you use this word is mind-blowing. I just love this. Thanks for spreading this knowledge to us.


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