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Foggia Sante

Design: Hans Erik Lomtjernbakken Møller
Location: Norway
Project Type: Student Project
School: Høyskolen Kristiania
Packaging Contents: Vegetable oils
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle

Foggia Sante — A range of unique oils displayed in a colorful, recognizable and playful product line.

The purpose with the project was to challenge today’s category within oils and especially the olive oil category. Where the packaging is often reflected through traditions, Italian/Greek/French affiliation and nostalgic serif typography. The project is aimed at a target group who live a hectic everyday. Precisely young parents. They often experience a stressful and chaotic shopping trip. The solution is a visual strong artwork that creates an eye-catching product line. The packaging works well alone, but together with the others oils in the range, it achieves a distinctive brand. The concept allows for the established design to work well in a series of other associated products, such as whole olives.

The design is based on geometrical forms. As in its simplicity can be linked to olives, hemp seed and other oil-based ingredients. In the same way to the rectangular shape of the bottles with a circular bottleneck. A playful way of communicate in a short amount of time in the shelfs with the consumer. The design has a fresh and distinct color palette. The Foggia Sante oils appears clearly with a playful system on the packaging. To tempt the target audience with a number of different oils. The packaging design creates an inviting communication for the whole family. Where the products also prove good as displayed in your home.

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