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Matcha Kaori Rebranding

Agency: Armatoste
Brand Strategist: Angélica Pliego
Graphic Designer: Cinthia Cruz
Creative Leader: Iván Almazán
Photographer: Aldo Manzano
Art Developer: Rosario Badillo
Location: Mexico
Project Type: Produced
Client: Matcha Kaori
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Matcha
Printing Process: Digital printing, Offset

Matcha Kaori is a Mexican brand of Japanese Matcha green tea. Since 2014 they brought and popularized matcha in Mexico. Initially pure matcha, and then they created delicious products, even for palates that are not used to the taste of an authentic matcha.

The objective was to build a brand a professional status, without losing the Japanese origin and visual language, which is part of its traditional identity. We improve technical aspects that make its reproducibility easier on different supports and scales. Not only is it a visual redesign, but it is also accompanied by the launch of totally new products

From an extensive investigation of competing brands of the same product category, as well as local and global trends, we developed the new brand identity, based on illustrations of characters, but maintaining the color code that identifies the Brand, which we built in the previous years.

The design of the new Matcha Kaori packaging and Brand identity has an international scope and is already marketed in Japan, the United States, Canada, Mexico and Latin America.

Therefore, versions are made in different languages and labeling is developed so it complies with the regulations of each region, but always preserving the essence of Japan.

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