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Design: Asia
Location: Argentina
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle
Printing Process: Digital print

“Siglo XXI” is caracterized as an era of revolutions: climatic, feminist, social, systems and minorities.

The project seeks to represent this era of revolutions, with women as main protagonists, who acquire rights and equality not previously imagined and lead themselves in a new direction, beyond the masculine dominant thought. Women are depicted as powerful, sitting on strength, muscles and creatures with little intelligence that fight to impose their great strength.

The environment that surrounds the main figures is desertic, with little living and manifest nature, completely lacking of natural elements. In this special edition, technology becomes a fundamental axis in which the figures coexist. This environment works as a critique of an end to the natural and the real, where everything becomes more fictitious.

“Siglo XXI” is a very personal vision of the present, a mix celebrating evolution in collective thoughts, towards a new (and better) reality and equality.

The esthetics are those of a niche label, with artistic strokes, a 2004 vintage, pinot noir variety wine. It has details in gold stamping and embossed. This label was created to speak for itself when contemplated, with no need for further words.

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