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Coffee Place

Design: Kolya Gevorgian
Location: Armenia
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Coffee
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

The coffee place is a takeaway coffee branding concept.

Τhe creative challenge was to design an identity for the takeaway packages and other brand collaterals that would be engaging for a mixed target group.

Coffee Place has modern, recognizable packages that reflect the profile of the business. The simple name "Coffee Place" has the intention for every customer to find their own favorite place in one location.

All combine together, visualization and color palette, creating a unique yet consistent brand expression, easily to be adapted and extending according to marketing purposes.

The main idea is to create a comfortable environment with no borders. Color contrast and brand elements are extremely important to make the brand competitive and attractive to consumers, adding to it the energy that is inherent in modern society.

Coffee Place is more than about coffee, it is about emotions, freedom, and self-expression. People speak openly about most things and express themselves on social media, through fashion or art. Coffee Place is another platform for speaking up. Еach cup of coffee is not just a drink prepared by the skillful hands of a barista, but also an emotion that sets the tone for the whole day.

The packaging design seeks to reflect the brand vision and simplicity through its materials and finishes, prioritizing minimal design to reflect the product quality and traceability. The style itself and the palette are designed and selected to catch on with its uniqueness and friendliness both in the combination of colors and in the simplicity of figures and elements.

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